Why argentic? 

Question by Patricia Frischer, Founder and Coordinator of the San Diego Visual Arts Network, California:Is there anything unique about your methods and can you explain anything that the non-photographer might find interesting about the process? What is special about silver bromide printed on baryta paper?

OM: Using the argentic films and paper is not unique, it has been used a lot. What is perhaps becoming unique is sticking to this process, which is time consuming, expensive and a lot more complicated than numeric.

But the slow revelation of the image, the time elapsed between the shooting and the viewing of the print are for me essential steps in the process of artistic creation. I also find that it is easier to photograph a person holding an old Leica camera, with all the legend of photo-journalism behind it, rather than with a modern camera; it is not intrusive, almost friendly.

The miracle with argentic photography, is that a photograph taken 20 or 30 years ago may suddenly appear on you contact sheet when you were looking for something else. With numeric photography, a lot will be lost in 20 or 30 years, just because keeping a numeric file is a big issue. People don’t realize.